Crunchy Choc Muffins

Today I helped at my kids school with their ‘Thank You Teachers’ lunch organised by parents for our wonderful teachers.  So what could I whip up quickly, bake quickly to help out?  Muffins!  I have always wanted to try out this recipe by Donna Hay so this was an opportune day to do so. Today, in the photos I have tripled the ingredients to make a total of 30 muffins, cupcake size.  They are delicious but I would omit the coffee sugar I think next time.  The only changes I made was I didnt use cacao nibs in the topping.

For the recipe, head to the Donna Hay website or click on this link here


See how little ingredients you need?! The batter comprises of self raising flour, sugar, eggs, buttermilk and mmm melted white chocolate.   And the best part is, you simply whisk it all together in a bowl!


I used an ice cream scooper to place a scoop of batter in each cupcake patty tin liner then baked for 5 minutes.  Then you take out and sprinkle the chocolate crumble topping on top.  Then return to oven to bake until cooked.  My crumble mixture is some coffee sugar, dark chocolate block blitzed with milk chocolate chips!


Here they are, and they are yum!  They arent too sweet actually and beautifully simple with a cup of tea.  I would definitely make again.


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